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YOU CAN learn any language you want! I’m Anastasiia! Welcome to my website dedicated to the language learning process.

Learning languages is a great passion of mine! I fluently speak 8 languages, and I am here to assist you with your own language learning journey. On this site, you will find numerous language learning tips and advice. I am familiar with the BEST LEARNING TECHNIQUES, which I would love to share with you.

My goal is to show YOU that there is a way to learn languages easily (within a maximum of 3 months).

If you are ready for a fresh perspective on the BEST METHODS FOR LANGUAGE LEARNING, you can take action right now:

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Anastasiia Synenko

You can learn any language you want!

If only you do it RIGHT… Let me explain you HOW and WHY… This is how I do it…
Polyglot tips for language learning

STEP 1. Make your language learning simple


To speak any language, you need to understand its basic foundation, which essentially follows a checklist. Additionally, you should be familiar with around 1500 words to start.

Can you learn how to construct a sentence in three months?

Of course, you can! Even if you’re slow and busy, three months provide ample time for learning a language.

Can you learn 1500 words in three months?

Absolutely, you can! There are methods that allow you to learn a significant number of words simply by reading them.



Now, if you can learn to put together a sentence and have learned 1500, or even 2000 or 3000 words in three months without much effort – which is entirely possible in today’s world – there would be NO REASON FOR YOU NOT TO SPEAK THE LANGUAGE YOU ARE LEARNING!

Me and my students learn words with just no effort whatsoever! You can do it too! These are words learning methods are so obvious and available to EVERYBODY. I don’t hide them and all you need to do is just see how it works.


STEP 2. Learn your language right from the first time


It is so hard to relearn. Once you have learned something the neuron connection have been created and your mind follows its tracks. It is so much better to learn correctly from the first try. If your pronunciation is not proper and you keep affirming it by continuing to learn your language with mistakes, your language will establish this way and you will hardly ever correct it. 

It is so easy to learn properly if only you allow a good teacher to guide you through and correct you initial mistakes. We all make mistakes and we all need to be corrected. Yet, it is easier to fix it in the very start and incredibly hard to correct your language later when it is already established as a habit.

Spend one or two months being personally corrected and make sure your pronunciation is right. You can always check how you sound by comparing your speech with the native speakers. 

Do you sound great? 

Make sure you do! 

Do you build the sentence consciously? Are you aware of the ways to do it right? 

If not, you will be in trouble when you will want to speak fluently. Without the clear and complete knowledge of the basic foundation you will always have so-called barriers. 

Guess what? Most of people with the barriers, in other words, who cannot speak easily, simply do not have the complete and clear foundation of the language. They might not know how to read and pronounce correctly, they usually are not familiar with the types of sentences, they sometimes are confused with the change of the verb and other parts of the language.

How can you possibly speak a language if you never learned how to pronounce it? 


Follow my checklist of things you need to know to speak fluently the language you are learning and make sure you go through all of it within 3 months. 

Why three months? Read in my books and articles. Timing is very important, DON’T MISS THIS, I dare you! 

Believe you can learn the language but do the RIGHT THING