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the number of the bonuses that the student receives upon every exercise compilation for every language separately and every lesson separately considering the encouragement for repeating the going through the class several times; the number of the bonuses needed to be the champion (a fixed number regulated by the teacher of the course, the same for all the students). The student can have more bonuses than the champion number. Once the student reaches the level of the champion he gets the encouragement notification and a fixed status of the champion which is signed on top of the course taken. Student statuses: Beginner (who never yet started the course), Learner (who started the course but did not yet get the the champion state), Champion (getting through class, getting the needed amount of bonuses)


the list of courses taken and untaken yet with personal progress for every language and every class


inspirational random lines


the books to buy and read (Anastasiia inspirational books)


  • personal¬† subscriber information with the possibility to edit
  • the list of mailouts with the possibility to unsubscribe to the feed