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Terms of Service, last updated on 05 September 2019

Terms of Service Content:

LEGAL: Langlandia Ltd. is registered in Kiev, Ukraine. Our legal adress is 12, S.Sosninyh str., 227, 03148, Kiev, Ukraine.

Terms of Service
For any questions, please, be free to contact me personally if needed. I am always there and will resolve and answer any question as soon as possible.
Anastasiia Synenko,
the Head Manager of Langlandia

Anastasiia Synenko on Facebook

1. General Conditions of Use:

Thank you for using! These Terms of Service (Terms) cover your use and access of our website (Langlandia), the outside-site work with the Team of our company (Team) and the use of any materials and services (Services) received by you from the members of our Team. 
The Services of our company are conducted by Anastasiia Synenko, 12 S.Sosninyh str, Kiev, Ukraine, as the CEO, the Head Manager of Langlandia and the Team (We, Our, or Us) and are performed according to the Terms indicated here.  
By using our Services you agree to these Terms and to review our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to any part of these Terms or Privacy Policy, please, be not using our Services.
We may revise these Terms of Service at any time without notice to you. It is your responsibility to review these Terms of Service periodically. If at any time you find these Terms of Service unacceptable or if you have any questions about these Terms of Service, any other documentation on our Site or the work conducted by the Team, please contact us at or please do not use this Site or any Services provided by the Team. By continuing to use the Services provided by Us you agree to the Terms as well as to any changes to the Terms.

2. Langlandia Services:

  • General conditions of Services:

  • Registration and Site User Services:

Registration on the Langlandia site under the domain:
Anyone older then 18 can personally register with our site at having agreed upon these Terms of Service by the fact of registration. People under the age of 18 must not register personally but use our Services via the Accounts of thier registered parents! Upon the registration the User certifies to be older than 18.  Any fake or inappropriate accounts shall be checked and deleted by the Team upon disapproval.
The Personal Balance Page (the PBP)
Every paid Student using the Services and working with one or more Team members shall have a Personal Balance Page (the PBP) created for him or her secured by password and unavailable for the search engines or any other third parties. The Student shall receive the password to the PBP upon the PBP creation and will have it updated by the Teacher or other Team members in the progress of the study as the material and new information grow. 
The benefits of the PBP:
(1) The personal information about the individual services are available 24/7 and protected by the secure password;
(2) Quick access to the Information of the classes passed such as links, video-files, special lessons or courses, created individually by the Private Teacher or any other Team members responsible for the matter;
(3) The reports about the payments and the final pament status.
Personal Storage Folders
If needed or required the Student will have a special storage space for the files and folders and most importantly for the Private Video-Class Recordings registered by the Teacher during the classes. This will give the possibility to go through the passed classes as many times as needed for the Student to have the best results on remembering and, so to say, digesting the material of the class, which makes the study five-star-effective. 
  • Gerneral Language Services 

So far, Langlandia works with SEVEN languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian and Ukrainian. In the future the list may amplify as we grow. The languages in the project are: Portuguese, Polish and Chinese. 
We give private lessons and courses for such languages:
English in English, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian and Ukrainian. English in German is possible upon request and special agreement (with the German teacher). Levels A, B, C.
Italian in English or / and Russian. Levels A, B.
French in English or / and Russian. Levels A, B.
Spanish in Russian or / and Ukrainian. Levels A, B.
German in English. Levels A, B, C.
Russian in English. Levels A, B, C.
Ukrainian is taught as the additional short course for the students of Russian upon request and based on the Russian course. Level A1.
  • Language Learning Services:

Free online video classes
Payed online video classes
Private video classes and Tuturing 
  • Additional Services:

Translation / Interpreting Services
Documentation Assistance
Tavel / Work / Business Assistance and Guidance
Other Services

3. Prices and Terms of Payment:

All prices are fixed in Hrivnas (Uah), the official currency of Ukraine. We accept payments in any currency according to the official Ukrainian National Bank (Privat Bank) currency rate, which you may check at any time on the official page of the Privat Bank: or at the top left corner of the official online payment system site of Privat Bank – LiqPay ( which we use on this site. About the payment options and the process, please, see the Terms of Payment below.
Every payment is registered in the personal user Balance page on the site created upon registration under the password given to the User and available at any time. To view this information you need to visit your personal Balance Page and enter the Password. To learn more anout the Personal Balance Page, please go above to the “Langlandia Services section “Registration and Site User Services” “The Personal Balance Page”.
Payment options are the following.
Option 1 (Western Union or RIA):
Western Union transfer according to the Western Union Terms and Condiotions of Service. Every Western Union transfer is officially registered within the Personal Online Balance page of the User. The sample of the Personal User Balance Page you may see here: The Balance Page Sample.
Option 2 (Liqpay by Privat Bank):
24/7 payments using the Liqpay online payment system is one of the most secure systems offered by the National Bank of Ukraine (Privat Bank). It is very easy to use, has the most beneficial conditions and simply a very good service.
We have chosen to use this payment method as the main system of payment on our site because of:
(1) the security reasons. Privat Bank is the most trusted bank in Ukraine, used by most of Ukrainians for any kinds of transactions, and it has multiple and modern security levels which are being improved constantly;
(2) the very convenient and fast payment processing with fast refund possibilities, automatical currency converter without regular online patment systems loosing money on the convertion process; and also the series of other additional services.
(3) high-level tech support and trouble-shooting with 24/7 Support which proves to be always fast and efficient (indeed great service);
(4) the trust to the bank as the National Bank of Ukraine, almost each and every Ukrainian has an account with this bank. Any money transfered between people in Ukraine are done via Privat Bank.
Option 3 (Mastercard Account):
Your Mastercard account within the official Mastercard site at
Option 4 (Visa Account):
Your Visa account within the official Visa site at
We do not use the renewal system on our site.
Refunds are possible within the 14 days after payment having excluded the lessons, courses and materials used by the Purchaser. The costs of the refund process is covered by the Purchaser unless the reson for the refund is the violation of these Terms by the Team of Langlandia.

Langlandia Teacher School (The LTS):

The LTS has been created specially to train the teacher for our Service. As we use the unique system of video-teaching and language training, we train our teachers to be as professional and effective as the best one would be. We teach the basics of the easy and fast language learning according to the Anastasiia Polyglot Methods (the APMs).
In order to become our Teacher, every Candidate has to go through our Teacher programs and pass the tests. The three steps to becoming the Langlandia Teacher are: (1) Pre-Interview with Anastasiia, (2) The classes at the LTS, (3) The LTS Examination and Graduation with the LTS Certificate.
10 Requirements to the Teacher Candidates:
(1) The will to learn and become a little better, smarter, wiser etc. with every day;
(2) Love for languages, different cultures, travel and arts;
(3) The will to be a polyglot, minimal languages knowledge required are three;
(4) Having Fluent English as the basic language of Langlandia – minimal level B2 is required;
(5) The self-study and self-drive abilities;
(6) Loving people and willing to Serve and Help other people;
(7) Perfect communication skills, accomodating and welcome personality;
(8) A team worker with positive attitude and solution-oriented mind;
(9) Leading a healthy life-style and uniting spiritual values;
(10) Loving the CREDO: I do a great job, with great people for great money.   
In order to schedule the Interview, please, fill in the Registration form for Teachers on our site and we will contact you as soon as possible.