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Anastasia, the polyglot, is learning Spanish

Parts of the speech overview

The program. Everything you need to know.

We already know the adjectives and numerals. 

Let’s see what the genders we have in Spanish.


This is the list of all the parts of the language that we need to meet and dive into.

  1. Noun: A word that represents a person, place, thing, or idea. Example: dog, city, happiness
    – gender and articles
    – countable and uncountable

    apple, banana, avocado, dog, cat, bird, bag, wallet, suitcase, shirt, t-shirt, scarf, cap, hat, skirt, jeans, jacket, coat, shoes, passport, ticket, bus, train, airplane, car, tram, subway, street, road, house, apartment, room, floor, kitchen, living-room, bedroom, bathroom, toilet, towel, toilet paper, window, wall, ceiling, floor, window-seal, balcony, roof, ground-floor, first-floor, elevator, door, plate, glass,  cup, fork, spoon, knife, fridge, freezer, microwave, table, chair, dishwasher, washing machine, head, hand, arm, knee, leg, foot, back, stomach, backbone, face, eye, ear, neck, mouth, tongue, tooth,  sky, weather, body, animal, school, job, city, country, place, family, time, fruit, vegetable, drink, movie, theater, book, color, day, week, month, year, person, bed, carpet, computer, tablet, telephone, mobile, charger, tomato, potato, pepper, cucumber, cookie, cake, pie, cherry, strawberry, jam, egg, bar, restaurant, coffee-shop, shop, supermarket, shopping mall, center, main street, train station, museum, park, railway station, bottle, jar, closet, box, umbrella, candle, pill, vitamin, bicycle, tree, flower, fountain, monument, apricot, frying pan, saucepan, TV, radio, Internet, computer mouse, language, lesson, lamp, wheel, chair, taxi, taxi driver, advertisement, dress, pocket, painting, drawing, mirror, scar, cheek, lip, chicken, duck, pig, cow, rat, pigeon, crow, war, drugstore, church, vacation, day-off, beach, sun, sea, ocean, lake, river, village, leaf, forest, colleague, baby carriage, ash-tray, cigarette, lighter, letter, story, bush, pillow, guest, side-walk, playground, letter, word, sentence, phrase, text, page, lemon, remote control, root, finger, nose, present, cloud, moon, sock, ring, earing, course, mountain, spider, hole, chimney, card, joke, wing, tale, pen, pencil, discount, candy, couch, hanger, rose, daffodil, orchid, tulip, daisy, sunflower, pear, crossroad, end, bus stop, machine, factory, toy, screen, thing, key, plan, piece, garlic, onion, carrot, bean, ball, game, team, office, business, contract, garbage bin, fence, corridor, entrance, exit        

    Monday- Wednesday- Friday 

    coffee, tea, water, air, gas, butter, floor, milk, juice, beer, champagne, cognac, hair, food, music, money, honey, oil, fat, cream, paper, grass, ice-cream, sauce, light, darkness, smoke, fire, help, skin, leather, sand, pain, fear, thirst, hunger, allergy, wind, draft, cash, idea, bread, rice, oats, porridge, ice, football, basketball, chess, garbage     

    shoulders, glasses, sunglasses, matches, nuts, creams, raisins, grapes, headphones, dishes, scissors, trousers, 

    – singular 
    – plural – these are 
    – this is a 
    – what is this 
    -who is this

  2. Adjective: A word that describes or modifies a noun. Example: beautiful, happy, big, red
    – gender
    – noun position 

  3. Pronoun: A word used in place of a noun to avoid repetition. Example: he, she, it, they

    • он – he
    • мой – my – body parts, home 
    • который – which
    • кто-то – someone
  4. Verb: A word that describes an action, occurrence, or state of being. Example: run, eat, sleep, is, was
    – infinitive 
    – three groups 
    – irregular verbs in the present 

  5. Preposition: A word that shows the relationship between a noun or pronoun and other words in a sentence. Example: in, on, under, between, during, because of, thanks to
    prepositions and the definite article 

  6. Question words of place and time: Why, who, where, whose 

sentence building


  1. Adverb: A word that describes or modifies a verb, adjective, or adverb. Example: quickly, very, often, well, differently

  2. Conjunction: A word that connects words, phrases, or clauses. Example: and, but, or, because, which, why, for, that, however, 

  3. Interjection: A word or phrase used to express strong emotion or surprise. Example: Wow!, Ouch!, Hurray!

  5. Gerund: 
  6. Present Participle
  7. Past Participle 
  8. Particles: exactly, whether, nevertheless 




  1. el hombre – the man
  2. la mujer – the woman
  3. la niña – the girl
  4. el niño – the boy
  5. el niño – the child (boy)
  6. la niña – the child (girl)
  7. el amigo – the male friend
  8. la amiga – the female friend
  9. el novio – the boyfriend
  10. la novia – the girlfriend
  11. el prometido – the fiancé (male)
  12. la prometida – the fiancée (female)
  13. el camarero – the waiter
  14. la camarera – the waitress
  15. el profesor – the male teacher
  16. la profesora – the female teacher
  17. el estudiante – the male student
  18. la estudiante – the female student (Note: The term is the same for both genders)
  19. el jefe – the male boss
  20. la jefa – the female boss
  21. el vecino – the male neighbor
  22. la vecina – the female neighbor

Family members:

  1. el padre – the father
  2. la madre – the mother
  3. el hijo – the son
  4. la hija – the daughter
  5. el abuelo – the grandfather
  6. la abuela – the grandmother
  7. el nieto – the grandson
  8. la nieta – the granddaughter
  9. el hermano – the brother
  10. la hermana – the sister
  11. el tío – the uncle
  12. la tía – the aunt
  13. el primo – the cousin (male)
  14. la prima – the cousin (female)
  15. el sobrino – the nephew
  16. la sobrina – the niece
  17. el esposo – the spouse (husband)
  18. la esposa – the spouse (wife)
  19. el marido – the husband
  20. la mujer – the wife
  21. el cuñado – the brother-in-law
  22. la cuñada – the sister-in-law
  23. la madrastra – the stepmother
  24. el padrastro – the stepfather
  25. el bisabuelo – the great grandfather
  26. la bisabuela – the great grandmother

All the nouns you need:

  1. the advertisement (el anuncio)
  2. the airplane (el avión)
  3. the animal (el animal)
  4. the apartment (el apartamento)
  5. the apple (la manzana)
  6. the apricot (el albaricoque)
  7. the arm (el brazo)
  8. the ash-tray (el cenicero)
  9. the avocado (el aguacate)
  10. the baby carriage (el cochecito de bebé)
  11. the back (la espalda)
  12. the backbone (la columna vertebral)
  13. the bag (la bolsa)
  14. the balcony (el balcón)
  15. the ball (la pelota)
  16. the banana (el plátano)
  17. the bar (el bar)
  18. the bathroom (el baño)
  19. the beach (la playa)
  20. the bean (el frijol)
  21. the bed (la cama)
  22. the bedroom (el dormitorio)
  23. the bicycle (la bicicleta)
  24. the bird (el pájaro)
  25. the body (el cuerpo)
  26. the book (el libro)
  27. the bottle (la botella)
  28. the box (la caja)
  29. the bus (el autobús)
  30. the bus stop (la parada de autobús)
  31. the bush (el arbusto)
  32. the business (el negocio)
  33. the cake (el pastel)
  34. the candle (la vela)
  35. the candy (el caramelo)
  36. the cap (la gorra)
  37. the car (el coche)
  38. the card (la tarjeta)
  39. the carpet (la alfombra)
  40. the carrot (la zanahoria)
  41. the cat (el gato)
  42. the ceiling (el techo)
  43. the center (el centro)
  44. the chair (la silla)
  45. the chair (la silla)
  46. the charger (el cargador)
  47. the cheek (la mejilla)
  48. the cherry (la cereza)
  49. the chicken (el pollo)
  50. the chimney (la chimenea)
  51. the church (la iglesia)
  52. the cigarette (el cigarrillo)
  53. the city (la ciudad)
  54. the closet (el armario)
  55. the cloud (la nube)
  56. the coat (el abrigo)
  57. the coffee-shop (la cafetería)
  58. the colleague (el colega)
  59. the color (el color)
  60. the computer (la computadora)
  61. the computer mouse (el ratón de computadora)
  62. the contract (el contrato)
  63. the cookie (la galleta)
  64. the corridor (el pasillo)
  65. the couch (el sofá)
  66. the country (el país)
  67. the course (el curso)
  68. the cow (la vaca)
  69. the crossroad (el cruce de caminos)
  70. the crow (el cuervo)
  71. the cucumber (el pepino)
  72. the cup (la taza)
  73. the daffodil (el narciso)
  74. the daisy (la margarita)
  75. the day (el día)
  76. the day-off (el día libre)
  77. the discount (el descuento)
  78. the dishwasher (el lavavajillas)
  79. the dog (el perro)
  80. the door (la puerta)
  81. the drawing (el dibujo)
  82. the dress (el vestido)
  83. the drink (la bebida)
  84. the drugstore (la farmacia)
  85. the duck (el pato)
  86. the ear (la oreja)
  87. the earring (el pendiente)
  88. the egg (el huevo)
  89. the elevator (el ascensor)
  90. the end (el final)
  91. the entrance (la entrada)
  92. the exit (la salida)
  93. the eye (el ojo)
  94. the face (la cara)
  95. the factory (la fábrica)
  96. the family (la familia)
  97. the fence (la cerca)
  98. the finger (el dedo)
  99. the first-floor (el primer piso)
  100. the floor (el suelo)
  101. the floor (el piso)
  102. the flower (la flor)
  103. the foot (el pie)
  104. the forest (el bosque)
  105. the fork (el tenedor)
  106. the fountain (la fuente)
  107. the freezer (el congelador)
  108. the fridge (la nevera)
  109. the fruit (la fruta)
  110. the frying pan (la sartén)
  111. the game (el juego)
  112. the garbage bin (el cubo de basura)
  113. the garlic (el ajo)
  114. the glass (el vaso)
  115. the ground-floor (la planta baja)
  116. the guest (el huésped)
  117. the hand (la mano)
  118. the hanger (el colgador)
  119. the hat (el sombrero)
  120. the head (la cabeza)
  121. the heart (el corazón)
  122. the hole (el agujero)
  123. the house (la casa)
  124. the internet (el internet)
  125. the jacket (la chaqueta)
  126. the jam (la mermelada)
  127. the jar (el frasco)
  128. the jeans (los pantalones vaqueros)
  129. the job (el trabajo)
  130. the joke (el chiste)
  131. the key (la llave)
  132. the kitchen (la cocina)
  133. the knee (la rodilla)
  134. the knife (el cuchillo)
  135. the lake (el lago)
  136. the lamp (la lámpara)
  137. the language (el idioma)
  138. the leaf (la hoja)
  139. the leg (la pierna)
  140. the lemon (el limón)
  141. the lesson (la lección)
  142. the letter (la carta)
  143. the letter (la letra)
  144. the lighter (el encendedor)
  145. the lip (el labio)
  146. the living-room (la sala de estar)
  147. the machine (la máquina)
  148. the main street (la calle principal)
  149. the microwave (el microondas)
  150. the mirror (el espejo)
  151. the mobile (el móvil)
  152. the month (el mes)
  153. the monument (el monumento)
  154. the moon (la luna)
  155. the mountain (la montaña)
  156. the mouth (la boca)
  157. the movie (la película)
  158. the museum (el museo)
  159. the neck (el cuello)
  160. the nose (la nariz)
  161. the ocean (el océano)
  162. the office (la oficina)
  163. the onion (la cebolla)
  164. the orchid (la orquídea)
  165. the page (la página)
  166. the painting (la pintura)
  167. the park (el parque)
  168. the passport (el pasaporte)
  169. the pear (la pera)
  170. the pen (el bolígrafo)
  171. the pencil (el lápiz)
  172. the pepper (el pimiento)
  173. the person (la persona)
  174. the phrase (la frase)
  175. the pie (el pastel)
  176. the piece (la pieza)
  177. the pig (el cerdo)
  178. the pigeon (la paloma)
  179. the pill (la pastilla)
  180. the pillow (la almohada)
  181. the place (el lugar)
  182. the plan (el plan)
  183. the plate (el plato)
  184. the playground (el parque infantil)
  185. the pocket (el bolsillo)
  186. the potato (la patata)
  187. the present (el regalo)
  188. the radio (la radio)
  189. the railway station (la estación de tren)
  190. the rat (la rata)
  191. the remote control (el control remoto)
  192. the restaurant (el restaurante)
  193. the ring (el anillo)
  194. the river (el río)
  195. the road (la carretera)
  196. the roof (el techo)
  197. the room (la habitación)
  198. the root (la raíz)
  199. the rose (la rosa)
  200. the saucepan (la cacerola)
  201. the scar (la cicatriz)
  202. the scarf (la bufanda)
  203. the school (la escuela)
  204. the screen (la pantalla)
  205. the sea (el mar)
  206. the sentence (la oración)
  207. the shirt (la camisa)
  208. the shoes (los zapatos)
  209. the shop (la tienda)
  210. the shopping mall (el centro comercial)
  211. the sidewalk (la acera)
  212. the skirt (la falda)
  213. the sky (el cielo)
  214. the sock (el calcetín)
  215. the spider (la araña)
  216. the spoon (la cuchara)
  217. the stomach (el estómago)
  218. the story (la historia)
  219. the strawberry (la fresa)
  220. the street (la calle)
  221. the subway (el metro)
  222. the suitcase (la maleta)
  223. the sun (el sol)
  224. the sunflower (el girasol)
  225. the supermarket (el supermercado)
  226. the t-shirt (la camiseta)
  227. the table (la mesa)
  228. the tablet (la tableta)
  229. the tale (el cuento)
  230. the taxi (el taxi)
  231. the taxi driver (el taxista)
  232. the team (el equipo)
  233. the telephone (el teléfono)
  234. the text (el texto)
  235. the theater (el teatro)
  236. the thing (la cosa)
  237. the ticket (el boleto)
  238. the time (el tiempo)
  239. the toilet (el inodoro)
  240. the toilet paper (el papel higiénico)
  241. the tomato (el tomate)
  242. the tongue (la lengua)
  243. the tooth (el diente)
  244. the towel (la toalla)
  245. the toy (el juguete)
  246. the train (el tren)
  247. the train station (la estación de tren)
  248. the tram (el tranvía)
  249. the tree (el árbol)
  250. the tulip (el tulipán)
  251. the tv (la televisión)
  252. the umbrella (el paraguas)
  253. the vacation (las vacaciones)
  254. the vegetable (la verdura)
  255. the village (el pueblo)
  256. the vitamin (la vitamina)
  257. the wall (la pared)
  258. the wallet (la billetera)
  259. the war (la guerra)
  260. the washing machine (la lavadora)
  261. the weather (el clima)
  262. the week (la semana)
  263. the wheel (la rueda)
  264. the window (la ventana)
  265. the windowsill (el alféizar de la ventana)
  266. the wing (el ala)
  267. the word (la palabra)
  268. the year (el año)
  1. la pintura (the painting)
  2. el parque (the park)
  3. el pasaporte (the passport)
  4. la pera (the pear)
  5. el bolígrafo (the pen)
  6. el lápiz (the pencil)
  7. el pimiento (the pepper)
  8. la persona (the person)
  9. la frase (the phrase)
  10. el pastel (the pie)
  11. la pieza (the piece)
  12. el cerdo (the pig)
  13. la paloma (the pigeon)
  14. la pastilla (the pill)
  15. la almohada (the pillow)
  16. el lugar (the place)
  17. el plan (the plan)
  18. el plato (the plate)
  19. el parque infantil (the playground)
  20. el bolsillo (the pocket)
  21. la patata (the potato)
  22. el regalo (the present)
  23. la radio (the radio)
  24. la estación de tren (the railway station)
  25. la rata (the rat)
  26. el control remoto (the remote control)
  27. el restaurante (the restaurant)
  28. el anillo (the ring)
  29. el río (the river)
  30. la carretera (the road)
  31. el techo (the roof)
  32. la habitación (the room)
  33. la raíz (the root)
  34. la rosa (the rose)
  35. la cacerola (the saucepan)
  36. la cicatriz (the scar)
  37. la bufanda (the scarf)
  38. la escuela (the school)
  39. la pantalla (the screen)
  40. el mar (the sea)
  41. la oración (the sentence)
  42. la camisa (the shirt)
  43. los zapatos (the shoes)
  44. la tienda (the shop)
  45. el centro comercial (the shopping mall)
  46. la acera (the sidewalk)
  47. la falda (the skirt)
  48. el cielo (the sky)
  49. el calcetín (the sock)
  50. la araña (the spider)
  51. la cuchara (the spoon)
  52. el estómago (the stomach)
  53. la historia (the story)
  54. la fresa (the strawberry)
  55. la calle (the street)
  56. el metro (the subway)
  57. la maleta (the suitcase)
  58. el sol (the sun)
  59. el girasol (the sunflower)
  60. el supermercado (the supermarket)
  61. la camiseta (the t-shirt)
  62. la mesa (the table)
  63. la tableta (the tablet)
  64. el cuento (the tale)
  65. el taxi (the taxi)
  66. el taxista (the taxi driver)
  67. el equipo (the team)
  68. el teléfono (the telephone)
  69. el texto (the text)
  70. el teatro (the theater)
  71. la cosa (the thing)
  72. el boleto (the ticket)
  73. el tiempo (the time)
  74. el inodoro (the toilet)
  75. el papel higiénico (the toilet paper)
  76. el tomate (the tomato)
  77. la lengua (the tongue)
  78. el diente (the tooth)
  79. la toalla (the towel)
  80. el juguete (the toy)
  81. el tren (the train)
  82. la estación de tren (the train station)
  83. el tranvía (the tram)
  84. el árbol (the tree)
  85. el tulipán (the tulip)
  86. la televisión (the TV)
  87. el paraguas (the umbrella)
  88. las vacaciones (the vacation)
  89. la verdura (the vegetable)
  90. el pueblo (the village)
  91. la vitamina (the vitamin)
  92. la pared (the wall)
  93. la billetera (the wallet)
  94. la guerra (the war)
  95. la lavadora (the washing machine)
  96. el clima (the weather)
  97. la semana (the week)
  98. la rueda (the wheel)
  99. la ventana (the window)
  100. el alféizar de la ventana (the windowsill)
  101. el ala (the wing)
  102. la palabra (the word)
  103. el año (the year)